attractive gift packaging design

For the future THREE SIXTY VODKA is planning to no longer offer the 0.04l miniature bottles individually, but instead inside a multi-bottle set containing 9 to 36 bottles that will appeal to the end consumer. This should help the set of miniature bottles to become a popular gift (e.g. for birthdays, graduation or to celebrate the end of the semester), as a party offering (e.g. house party or birthday party), or purchased to enjoy at home with friends.

An attractive outer packaging design should encourage people to buy the THREE SIXTY VODKA miniature bottles in the multi-bottle set to give as a gift, party offering or to enjoy with friends at home.


Develop an attractive packaging design which makes the iconic THREE SIXTY VODKA miniature bottles an attractive gift, party offering and party drink.

  • Define an occasion (e.g. birthday party) and create the perfectly corresponding multi-bottle set.
  • Your set should contain a minimum of 9, or in a normal case, 12, 24 or 36 miniature bottles, depending on what quantity seems to be the most attractive and relevant to you.
  • Your box can contain miniature bottles of THREE SIXTY VODKA, of THREE SIXTY BLACK 42 or a mix of both variations.

When it is closed your multi-bottle set should look attractive and encourage purchases at the various different points of sale (supermarket, kiosk, online shop). Please also take into consideration how it will be positioned on the supermarket shelves. As the narrow side of the product is often turned to the front due to a lack of space on the shelves, it is important that the product’s design is appealing from all sides.

Of course your packaging should also look stylish at its place of use when it is open – at home or at a party. Perhaps your outer packaging could even have a secondary use that goes beyond just serving as mere packaging – during or after your chosen occasion.

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