new granini glass range that provides a unique visual and haptic experience!

From 2015 a new branded glass collection will be available for the gastronomy market. Unlike the previous glass collection, which was available to the gastronomy sector for free, the new collection will be offered for sale and must therefore clearly stand out from the previous free offer.


Eckes-Granini is looking for a new, unique branded glass design for gastronomy purposes, which:

  • can be clearly attributed to the granini brand
  • forms a harmonious premium glass range  
  • can be used for all glass types, from a juice glass, to a juice and sparkling water spritzer glass to a long drink glass and the classic cocktail glass
  • clearly stands out from the previous glass range and completely takes over from it
  • can be offered for sale, yet still be met with enthusiasm by the gastronomy sector

Develop a unique glass design for the gastronomy glasses by granini.

Glass range
Your design idea must be adaptable for all granini glass types, i.e. juice, spritzer and long drinkglasses (0.1 to 0.5 in 100ml increments) and for cocktail glasses (0.4l) and thereby form a harmonious range.

Glass shape
The shape of the glass must be clearly attributed to the granini brand, and at the same time, clearly stand out from the previous glass ranges. The glasses in the new granini range should not only be a pleasure to drink from at the various gastronomy establishments, but should also be a haptic and visual experience.

Your task

  1. Main task: Show your design idea for the new granini glass range based on the examples of a glass for juice, a glass for a juice & water spritzer and a long drink glass in the three sizes 0.1/0.3 and 0.4l. 
  2. Voluntary: Show how your idea can be used for a cocktail glass (e.g. tulip glass, Hurricane or fancy glass) with 0.4 l content. The cocktail glass must also fulfil gastronomy requirements, however you have free rein in terms of the stackability and size of the glasses.
Roland Hangyel
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