super premium
vodka bottle

like a sculpture

The Moskovskaya ‘Super Premium’ bottle is mainly served in stylish restaurants and bars, but also sold in retail. It should catch people’s eyes, both at the bar as well as in stores, radiating its high quality and motivating people to try it. Visually it should also emphasize the character and positioning of Moskovskaya (“The True One”).

Your new bottle design should pick up on the latest trends and take them one step further. But the Moskovskaya brand must be clearly recognizable.

When designing the new bottle, you should take the following aspects into consideration:

  • You should design the bottle itself, as well as the label and the bottle top (screw cap).
  • The overall design should support “The True One” positioning.
  • The Moskovskaya logo has to be a part of your design.
  • It must be possible to mass produce (industrially manufacture) the bottle and it must be functional. We are therefore not looking for any designs which make it difficult to open the bottle, pour the vodka, close the top and place the bottle on a surface.
  • When developing your new design you should primarily take into account that the bottle will be used in urban, trendy gastronomy. 
Target Groups
The target group (m/f) is 20 to 39 years old, urban, trend-conscious and appreciative of good design. They mostly have a higher level of education (high school diploma, degree, or similar), are pleasure-oriented, communicative and like to flirt. They love trying new things – but they stay loyal to the brands that impress them. They mainly enjoy drinking vodka in clubs or trendy bars, and particularly in cocktails or long drinks – but rarely straight.
  • “The True One”
  • Clear, original, authentic
  • Unique
  • Urban
  • Trendy
  • ‘Super Premium’
Roland Hangyel
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