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ready-to-eat line

Bolton Food is the Bolton Group company that produces and markets canned fish under the Rio Mare, Palmera and Saupiquet brands. We are an Italian success case history and European leader in the canned tuna market.
Our mission is to be the leader in sustainable and high quality production of shelf stable canned fished products, thought to make consumers’ life easier and healthier. With this in mind, since 50 years, we produce canned tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerels sold in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Insalatissime Rio Mare: the Insalatissime ready-to-eat line is a balanced, long-life “ready-to-eat” meal, made of fish salad (mainly tuna) combined with a mix of vegetables, pulses and cereals. The product might be consumed for the main meals or for a snack.

Packaging features: you are invited to propose a packaging that might enable the user to consume the food directly from it, either holding it on a surface or in her/his hands, also thanks to a special piece of cutlery that you are invited to design (see Cutlery paragraph). The design shall distinguish itself from the current Insalatissime Rio Mare product size (see Material files) and shall be well visible on the shelf regardless of how it is placed.

Customer typology: the product addresses a very ample, unisex and multi-age public, with a particular focus on the under-45 adult segment, with a modern and active lifestyle, looking for both a practical and satisfying meal in terms of taste, quality and nutritious intake. Often the customers have already the habit to consume ready meals or buy products used to create easy-to-prepare dishes, with fresh ingredients.

How and where to use: the user shall be able to consume her/his food directly from the packaging, also on mobility, thanks to the practical pack and to the included piece of cutlery. The meal will be consumed cold, both at the workplace and in mobility. In particular the packaging shall offer to the user:
– Practical opening of the packaging;
– Practical mixing of the ingredients;
– Direct food consummation from the packaging with the piece of cutlery;
– Easy reclosing of the packaging should the content not be consumed entirely.

Materials: the packaging might be made of metal, plastics or other similar materialssuitable for direct contact with food. In order to convey a perception of quality and freshness of the product you may consider the use of transparent materials to let the content be seen through the pack. As far as the piece of cutlery is concerned, suggest the use of biodegradable material producible with industrial technologies. The following materials are not allowed: glass, external cardboard to wrap the packaging.

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