Design the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine!

Bonaverde is a small, dedicated team of young, sleepless Berliner entrepreneurs that made it their goal to revolutionize the world of coffee. Around 2 years ago Hans, the founder, started out with a vision: build the first all-in-one coffee machine in the world that would not only grind and brew, but also ROAST coffee.

Design a coffee machine that meets high end demands but remains manufacturable for a mass market.

Think about how to stage our USP’s:

  • Raw, green coffee beans
  • Self roasting experience and control
  • Modular all-in-one coffee preparation process

The design should be simple, yet elegant and unique. Just like Dieter Rams would have designed it. Think white, greyish, earth colors… less electronic, more elemental – the machine is combining all elements: earth (wood, metal, raw beans), fire (roasting), water (brewing) and wind (coffee scent from roasting/grinding/brewing). How does your design reflect this?


  • Simple and elegant
  • Neutral but unique
  • Innovative and inspiring
  • “Modern” retrospective
Roland Hangyel
+36 30 43 13 107