one touch means more than words can say

Celebrating human relationships

However the brand is losing the emotional connection especially, but not only, with younger consumers below 35. NIVEA wants to rebuild this connection with their consumers – primarily women, the main target group of the brand – by reaching out to them with initiatives that touch them and that bring to life what NIVEA stands for. These are values and qualities of relationships we have with our closest ones, most especially with our family, but also partners and close friends: closeness, care, protection, natural confidence and love.

This project aims to find digital campaign ideas for the NIVEA brand which

  • reconfirm NIVEA’s values and enforce a positive brand image – especially in the younger target groups (<35),
  • drive consumer buzz through high reach and emotional engagement,
  • open opportunities for further consumer interaction and relationship,
  • go global: whether it is a global initiative from the start or the idea is grown locally and then shared globally.

Develop a digitally driven campaign concept for the umbrella brand NIVEA

Local and Global
Your digital campaign can start locally but should have the potential to spread globally. Show how the concept can be extended e.g. how local markets can build further activities around your core idea.

Online and Offline
The starting point of your campaign is ideally in the digital world, however offline activities that generate spread across digital channels are also very welcome.

Communication Channels
NIVEA owns many digital channels such as websites, Facebook pages or YouTube channels that can be used as starting-point or destination for your initiative.

World of Blue
Your campaign must strengthen NIVEA’s “World of Blue” and underline the brand’s unique and clear picture in the consumer’s mind.

Roland Hangyel
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