2022 hotel guestroom

hotel guestroom experience that might exist ten years from now

Marriott International wants to usher in a new wave of thinking around the way in which hotel rooms are designed and built. Rather than refining or tweaking the traditional hotel room experience, Marriott International wants to push the reset button and design a hotel room from the ground up, incorporating the needs and wants of not just the modern traveler, but the traveler of the future.

Develop the hotel guestroom experience that might exist ten years from now. Break through traditional approaches and create a physical space based upon what you imagine are the wants and needs of the traveler in 2022 and beyond. Your thinking should be bold and groundbreaking. 

Think about the automobile industry’s practice of building concept vehicles to showcase new styling and technology. These concept cars are used to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs. Marriott wants to undertake a similar approach within the hotel space by concepting guest rooms rather than cars.

Designers should consider, but not be constrained by, the many activities that take place in a hotel room including: 

  • Sleeping+ Relaxing
  • Bathing + Grooming
  • Connecting with technology
  • Storing luggage + personal items
  • Eating + drinking
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