MAMMUT Extreme line

design concept for the toughest mountain gear

Since its introduction in 1995, the MAMMUT Extreme line is a success story and became the highlight of the Mammut collection. Originally it was designed to be the first choice for professional mountaineers. Even today internationally renowned top athletes such as David Lama, Stephan Siegrist and Daniel Arnold use the products for their alpine expeditions under toughest test conditions and continuously give their feedback directly to the developers and product managers. Absolute alpine – is the clear focus of the Eiger Extreme line.

Product Characteristics
Besides the top functionality and quality Mammut achived what only a few other manufacturers – mostly large global corporations with huge marketing budgets – had succeeded in: to brand a specific product through a distinctive color combination.  After ten successful years a new edition of the first major MAMMUT Extreme collection was launched in 2006. The focus on serious alpinism remained the same, the design and the use of innovative materials were redefined and for the first time women products were introduced in 2012. 

Mammut Extreme Collection characteristics

  • High quality & long lasting
  • Light and abrasion resistant
  • Highly functional (alpine pattern, high reach, ventilation, pockets, etc.)
  • Helmet compatible hood, 3 point adjustment
  • Climbing harness and backpack compatible
  • Shoe and glove compatible
  • Reinforcements (crampons, hood shield)
  • Color concept. The products of the Eiger Extreme line must be combinable with each other.

From small to medium companies to large international corporations He provide to the client with the best in class expertise throughout the design process phases: concept design and style, research and development of technological innovations, trend analysis of colors and materials, three-dimensional virtual modeling, rapid prototyping, construction of style models and assistance to the phases of engineering and industrialization.

The goal of this project is to create strong visual design concepts for the “Eiger Extreme” Winter 2017/18 collection. The collection should be a visible evolution from the current design, be easily recognizable and thus distinguishable from all competitors for the next 3-4 years. The products should be easily combinable with each other and form a clear collection structure.

Blue and orange should remain the key colours of the Eiger Extreme line, however 

  • you can choose and define your own tone of blue and orange if you decide not to stick to the existing one. 
  • You can add additional colours as long as blue and orange remain the key colours.
Roland Hangyel
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