The travel headphone experience on the next level.

Sennheiser is a world leader in sound. They are one of the inventors of Active Noise Cancelling and have a great range of headphones. They are now looking to create headphones that will make people sit up and pay attention.

Re-imagine the design, usability and even the purpose of headphones:

How could you create a sense of awe, admiration or surprise? What would turn “good old headphones” into the ultimate traveler companion? Explore new features and functions (i.e. portability, foldability, usability, wearability, style, connectivity, productivity, social media etc.).

Create new services that enrich the basic audio experience.

Your starting point here can be just about anything from a smart app to voice-based services to AR or productivity hacks etc. But that’s really just the beginning. What services, features and innovations are missing in your personal audio traveler environment?

Think of cool new technological and/or brand partnerships, which could evolve into an exciting ecosystem:

How could creative collaborations take the headphone product and experience to an entirely new level? What great audio + Brand X combination do you want to see and hear about (think Apple & Nike, Spotify & Uber)?
Push the limits to create some WOW products that conquer the market, or better even: invent a new market! There is no right or wrong nor too simple or too far out. All input is valuable.

Roland Hangyel
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