2018 Limited Edition bottle

Henkell. Making life sparkle since 1856.

The Henkell brand is one of the best known sparkling wine brands in Germany. Founded in 1856, Adam Henkell created sparkling wine in combination with his French cuvée expertise and German craftsmanship. The brand quickly became a global player and is now available in more than 100 countries – and to this day, every single bottle sold worldwide is produced in Wiesbaden.

Henkell is perceived as a high quality brand with a very strong traditional character. 
Therefore the key challenges your design should tackle are:

  • boosting a modern perception of the brand
  • infusing the brand with a spirit of innovation
  • increasing the overall attractiveness of the brand 


  1. Additional sales in the period of the Limited Edition point-of-sale promotion
  2. Increased attractiveness for a younger audience
  3. Selected content from the active project will be promoted in Henkell digital channels (website, social media)

Your design should build a bridge between traditional and modern values.

The current international brand campaign revolves around challenging and re-defining the established rules an old antiquated world in a playful and pleasant way. Henkell’s motto:

“Don’t take yourself too seriously and create your own traditions!”

Roland Hangyel
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