Wladimir Klitschko


Wladimir Klitschko’s first health- and fitness-product

The aim is to create a brand logo and a bottle design based on Klitschko’s name. It should not only catch people’s eyes, both in restaurants, bars and stores, but also serve as a foundation for future businesses.

Design a Logo for the new “Klitschko” brand

The “Klitschko” brand stands for high-quality health- and fitness-products in the area of nutrition and equipment. Most importantly, it has to convey and underline Wladimir’s credo of a healthy mind and healthy body.
– You can use either the brand name “Klitschko” or “Dr. Klitschko”

Design a bottle for the “Klitschko” mineral water including its lid and its label.

– The bottle will be available in two sizes. Show your design on the example of the 75DL bottle. If you like present as well a  25DL version. Its up to you to decide to design a glas- or PET- bottle, just as you think what might be best for your design. Ideally it should work in both materials.

Think global when designing the branding and the bottle:

  • Your branding has to work on an international level (especially in the soviet region)
  • The overall design should support the “healthy mind, healthy body” positioning
  • It can have a reference to sports, but may definetly not have a reference to boxing!
  • It must be possible to mass produce (industrially manufacture) the bottle
  • It must be “designful” and functional by nature
Roland Hangyel
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