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The Audi Original Accessories product portfolio should be extended in the field of lighting and the perception of Audi as a manufacturer of safe and functional products should be emphasized. With a focus on the interior of the car, we are looking for highlight products, eye-catchers, which we haven’t yet seen from other manufacturers or on the open market.

The main focuses of the task are:

  • The interior of the vehicles
    Lighting ideas for the exterior are welcomed, but NOT new ideas for safety-related products like headlights and tail lights.
  • Products permanently fixed in the car
    Lighting ideas that are permanently installed in the car. Detachable lighting products are only welcome if they have a direct connection to the vehicle.
  • Vehicles from the last 10 years
    As the more recent models offer more lighting details as standard, we are also looking for lighting ideas for the somewhat older models (predecessor models)
  • Standard car models
    Standard models offer a higher potential for the sale of lighting accessories as special models like the RS line or the R8
  • The focus lies on the functionality and the design of the products, which makes driving easier for the Audi driver and increases comfort and safety.
  • Practical solutions with an added value should be offered.
  • The products can be items that are used when the driver is not driving. The products can, where applicable, also be removed from the vehicle, but have to have a connection to the vehicle, in order to make them stand out from other lighting products available from (specialist) retailers.
  • Just as important as the functionality is the emotionality of the products and the atmosphere of the lighting.
  • The connection to the car and to Audi must be clearly recognizable.
  • The design of the products should be adapted to the current range and to the Audi CI (s. materials).
  • The ideas should be innovative – new technologies are therefore of particular interest.
  • The new lighting products should not be too sophisticated, but also viable.
  • It should be possible to market the items internationally (or at least Europe-wide).
Roland Hangyel
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