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The history of the Hangyel design is reflected in that of its lines, beauty and elegance, in the ability to bring an aesthetic concept to life. Roland Hangyel is an artist and designer whose works are also masterpieces, the expression of a talent in some cases handed down and which contributes to creating an unmistakable dream.

Roland Hangyel works in the development of Design projects in the fields of branding, graphic design, packaging, architecture, interior, furniture and consumer products.

Hangyel’s style has always been a byword for beauty, elegance and functionality. The aesthetic research carried out is steered constantly towards achieving pure, uncluttered shapes, to perpetuate their beauty.

In every project, from the very first concept exploration to the schematic design, his peculiar design vision and iconic line is melt with client’s culture, mission and values in order to match at best its objectives.

Through the years, partnering with the most prestigious companies and brands, He has transferred in every single project the values ​​of elegance, essentiality and innovation that have characterized the Hangyel identity and unmistakable line.

From small to medium companies to large international corporations He provide to the client with the best in class expertise throughout the design process phases: concept design and style, research and development of technological innovations, trend analysis of colors and materials, three-dimensional virtual modeling, rapid prototyping, construction of style models and assistance to the phases of engineering and industrialization.

Roland Hangyel
+36 30 43 13 107