Coca-Cola metal bottle

design follow the Coca-Cola bottle shape in a modern way

Founded in 1979, Elite is a leading brand in the cycling industry. The company has 50 employees among which around fifteen are employed in R&D, 15 in the sales area and 20 between logistics and administration.

Elite relies on your talent for the design of the new metal bottle branded by Coca-Cola, handy, easy to carry and with an easy-to-drink system, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, available in the four versions of the brand, Regular, Light, Zero and Life.

Bottle: the bottle shall be cylindrical (or partially cylindrical) providing an easy grasp, handy portability and use. The bottle shall have a capacity of 55cl, with a minimum diameter for the bottle mouth of 40mm. The bottle will be between 195 and 220mm high.

Style: for the new Coca-Cola bottle you are free to suggest a style of your choice, for example opting for a modern style in line with the latest design codes, or for a style that draws distinctive design features from the vintage world and adapts them to the current scenario. At all events, your design is required to emphasise the metal material of the bottle and the Coca-Cola brand must be given maximum visibility and main importance. 

Roland Hangyel
+36 30 43 13 107