sparda bank

bench as a key visual for campaign

Bank = bench In German, the word for both “bank” and a “bench” (as in the seat, like a “park bench”) is “Bank”. Building on this wordplay, the Sparda-Bank wants to roll out a campaign that has a bench as its central key visual.

The Sparda-Bank wants to create a bench as a key visual for their campaign that represents their core assets:

  • Stability and security: The bank was founded in 1896
  • Professionalism: The bank serves more than 700,000 private customers
  • Closeness: The bank has a very personal and individual relationship with its customers
  • Cooperative: The bank is organized as a cooperative model, making the customers literally members and owners of their bank
  • Regionality: The bank plays a significant role in the region

The bench should symbolize a place where people can communicate and exchange thoughts and information in a personal, friendly and relaxed way.

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